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Zepter Cosmetics

Not available in Canada yet.

Pure and effective formulas are SWISS MADE, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and APPROVED to guarantee the highest level of safety and efficiency. INTERCOSMETICA Neuchâtel S.A, produces advanced, clinically tested Zepter cosmetic products guaranteeing Swiss quality standards of excellence.

La Danza


Swiss nanotechnology and natural active ingredients are the key elements of the exceptional La Danza skincare line.
This remarkable synergy between nature and science offers the ultimate in beauty care, fighting the signs of ageing using nature's powerful ingredients.
Swisso Logical


Swisso Logical skincare line is the most advanced paraben free beauty treatment line that combines vegetable proteins and freshly picked Echinacea directly from the Swiss Alps. Formulated using innovative technologies, Swisso Logical skincare line is a unique combination of a high concentration of natural and organic active ingredients.
Swiss Nature


The pure harmony of science and nature offers the very best protection for baby's sensitive skin.
Truly organic active ingredients are the key elements of the Swiss Nature Baby line.
Philip for Men


Philip for Men, the skincare line totally dedicated to the modern and active men of the 21st century. The new formulas are infused with pure active ingredients, extracted using the most advanced Swiss biotechnology methods. Based on the extraordinary power of SNOW ALGAE, this line offers immediate visible results for a perfect polished look.

Smart Fix


Smart Fix is the special and unique cosmetic line that Zepter has developed to help you fix unwanted and anesthetic skin problems.