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Remote Alert Device (Buzzer)

Code: Z-Buzzer

Remote Alert Device (Buzzer)


The Buzzer connects with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol and indicates the temperature and time status during cooking. You don’t need to stand by the Zepter Masterpiece Cookware. When your presence is needed, the Buzzer will inform you. It pairs with the Radio Digital Thermocontrol, communicating interactively and informing you remotely when the programmed temperature has been reached, the programmed time has elapsed, or the programmed temperature is lower or higher.

The Buzzer is your personal cooking messenger, informing you only when your food needs you. In the meantime, you don’t have to stand by the cooking station; you can use your time to read a book, help your children with their homework, exercise, do some housework, enjoy a home spa treatment, or do anything else you like. The Buzzer will find you, as it can reach you wherever you are, within the radius of 30m.

  • Programmed temperature has been reached
  • Programmed time has elapsed
  • Programmed temperature is lower, or
  • Programmed temperature is higher